Data Science and Impact Innovation

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We are proud to be part of the Global Diverse Talent Pilot program developed by MIT Open Learning.


The MIT Global Diverse Talent Program has been developed to provide global talent with the opportunity to work in inclusive, innovative, and equitable workplaces around the world. 


We are looking forward to welcoming diverse global talent in August 2022 from frontier and emerging markets to form our data science and impact innovation division, as we utilise the power of data science to create models that drive capital towards private markets in the developing world.

The Growth of Impact Investing Depends on Data

Increase available data on emerging market company ESG metrics

In 2020, Statista quoted one the main challenges for the impact investing industry worldwide is data on investment products and opportunities.


Through our data science division, we are able to leverage the emerging market data gathered across the group to provide structured ESG data across emerging markets that will optimise capital towards measurable outcomes with real impact.

Common understanding of definition and segmentation of impact investing market

Through structuring ESG data, impact investing performance is improved. 

Clear definitions are refined , and investor have refined data that help them determine the impact goals they wish to achieve.