Emerging Market Investment Tools and Frameworks

We believe that sustainability and impact frameworks should incorporate both global and local perspectives on impact to scale positive global change, while providing clear evidence based impact strategies.

Enabling growth in companies who want to scale positive impact

Emerging Markets are growing at unprecedented speed , and are embracing sustainable innovations at the forefront of transformational technologies.

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Evidence based impact strategies with an emerging markets focus

Emerging economies are growing faster than their developed counterparts, they account for 85.9 percent of the world’s population and 57.5 percent of its GDP, yet the $2.5 trillion SDG financing gap highlights the lack of investment within these fast-growing markets.

We are exploring evidence-based impact strategies that reflect the possibilities of eliminating the extra risk premium to the cost of capital in emerging markets, made possible through scenario analyses and ESG alignment impact dashboards. In our models, company valuations improve significantly, allowing them to receive increased investment to scale impact.