Meet Our ImpactVest Founder and CEO 

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Aisha Williams,
Founder and CEO

An entrepreneur, futurist, and sustainability activist, Aisha is dedicated to reimagining the future of impact and sustainability as the Founder and CEO of ImpactVest, an impact mission-driven fintech group focused on promoting a purpose-driven economy and re-imagining capitalism through its portfolio companies and impact fund dedicated to promoting the integration of sustainability and impact throughout the financial system, and creating a supportive ecosystem for impact investors and companies focused on finding innovative and holistic solutions to the UN SDG's.

As the Founder and CEO of ImpactVest, Aisha is on a mission to create a new financial and sustainability paradigm in which impact equals real actionable results, and drives positive change.

Aisha has the honor of holding the designation of United States Boren Scholar, which led to a prestigious diplomatic public service career. She is also a University of Zurich Center for Sustainable Finance Adviser Alumna, Frankfurt School of Management Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance, a Blockchain council Blockchain and Finance Professional, and an Associate member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. Aisha believes that impact investing is a catalyst for change across sectors, providing measurable social returns that support her vision of a sustainable, inclusive and resilient future.

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