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Our Insights

“ImpactVest: New Private Equity Firm Focuses on Mission Driven Enterprises”, EP. 105 of the Sustainable Finance Podcast in which our
founder and CEO Aisha Williams spoke about ImpactVest, as well as the lack of private capital allocation to impact strategies in both developed
and developing economies, especially in Africa

Sustainable Finance Podcast.jpeg

“Human Capital for Sustainability” on the Wall Street Green Summit (2021
WSGS), in which our Founder and CEO Aisha Williams spoke about the importance of recognizing and valuing global viewpoints within the creation of sustainability frameworks.

Wall Street Green Summit.jpeg

“Investing for Impact in Africa”, S2 E11 of Young Africa TODAY in which our ImpactVest Metrics Managing director, Tonderai Njowera, spoke about the importance of investing in Africa for innovation.

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“How Your Employees Can Avoid Being Hacked While Working Remotely”,
Ep. 139 of the Sustainable Finance Podcast in which Penelope Bise, our Chief Cybersecurity Expert at ImpactVest, spoke about sustainable finance and the risks of hacking when working remotely.


“Building a more sustainable world through impact investing”, Ep. 27 of How to be the Difference, in which Aisha Williams shared her experience,
her advice on how to face the finance world as a woman, and her insights on how, from the private sector, capital can be optimally invested to
create positive sustainable impact.

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