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Peter Fusaro is a New York Times best selling author, thought leader and leading international authority on sustainability, renewable energy, and the transition to the low carbon economy. For over 47 years, he is focused on the intersection of technology, finance and academia in Sustainability, ESG and Impact Investing. He has been selected for Who’s Who in America Lifetime Achievement Award.

Peter helped get the lead out of gasoline with the US EPA it the 1970s, created New York City’s first energy efficiency programs with its 2 utilities in the 1980s, and worked with the Toyota Prius development team in the 1990s. He has run the Wall Street Green Summit, the oldest sustainable finance event in North America for 21 years, and coined the terms Green Trading, Green Finance, and Green Exchanges almost 30 years ago. 
Peter launched the Global Change Foundation focused on environmental education and projects and held its first Green Jobs Summit with over 350 people in March 2010. The foundation also ran 26 Green Salons where performing artists  entertained and environmental experts spoke on their expertise.

Peter was a professor at Columbia University where he taught a course on renewable energy project development and finance to second year grad students. He was on board of the board of the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise for 8 years and Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability for 5 years. Today, he is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Columbia University Tech Ventures mentoring early stage cleantech companies in New York.

He has authored 17 books and including the New York Times best selling ‘What Went Wrong at Enron,” His last book with Oxford University Press was “Energy and Environmental Project Finance Law and Taxation.” He is noted for his Tedx “The New Green Business Model for Sustainable Finance.”

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