Meet The ImpactVest Team


Aisha Williams

Founder & CEO

As the Founder and CEO of ImpactVest, Aisha is on a mission to create a new financial and sustainability paradigm in which impact equals real actionable results, and drives positive change.

An entrepreneur, futurist, and sustainability activist, Aisha is dedicated to reimagining the future of impact.

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Sona Gevorgyan

Chief Financial Officer

Sona Gevorgyan has more than 13 years of experience in finance and accounting within different multinational companies. As an expert in the role of sustainabiility in finance, she has guided project development initiatives and has managed multi-sectoral program portfolios with government and private sector engagement.

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Luis Galvao

Chief Technical Officer

Luis is an expert information technology and cyber security, with experience finance industry but also multiple other industry verticals across all continents, having provided advisory to small and large firms on technology strategy, roadmap and architecture.

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Penelope Bise

Chief Cybersecurity Expert

Penelope Bise is an Ethical Hacker with an engineering background, based in Germany, passionate
about making and securing systems to continuously improve them with unwavering attention to detail.

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Tonderai Leonel Njowera

ImpactVest Metrics Managing Director

Tonderai is a multiplier in the field of Sustainability and Project Investment. His background is anchored on qualifications in civil and water engineering and sustainable finance. He has been involved in heavy civil engineering project management in the mining, renewable energy, real estate and water supply and sanitation sectors in the Sub Saharan African Region.

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Gloria Rodriguez-Mendoza

Finance Manager at ImpactVest Metrics

Gloria has over 5 years of tax and compliance in a private company. Experience includes provide tax reports, deals with taxing authorities and preparation of internal audit report to management, and over 4 years of local external audit in the following industries: retail and distribution, manufacturing, energy and utilities, logistics and pharmaceuticals. 

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Klarissa Nura

ImpactVest Metrics Investment Research  Analyst

Klarissa Nura is an  Economics and Management graduate from Royal Holloway University of London looking to explore new opportunities and leverage existing experience to new levels.

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Aparna Gundavajala

ImpactVest Connect Sales Manager Asia-Pacific

Aparna is an  experienced and results-driven professional with over 5 years of expertise in Sales
and Business Development.
She has
successfully developed and executed sales strategies for achieving business deliverables.
Additionally, she has also increased the customer base for both the organizations through
strong business development acumen.
She has completed her MBA in Marketing and believes in collective genius to strive to stay ahead of
the curve with a continual transaction of ideas and knowledge base with her peers.

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Johan Duraan

ImpactVest Connect Managing Director

Johan has devoted his career to uncover game changing opportunities for businesses. In addition to decades of experience in the financial and mining industry where he managed budgets of R1 Billion+, Johan is also an international qualified Life & Business Coach who helps CEO’s and businesses to strategically reach their full potential. 

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Gabriel Wenchel

ImpactVest Connect Equity Research Analyst

Gabriel Wenchel is an analyst at ImpactVest Connect and an IB Diploma Program student. He is fluent in German and English, with an avid interest in learning new languages. As an intern, he has constructed several reports on emerging markets’ Startup ecosystems. Some of his interests include cooking, reading, and volunteering.

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Angela (Weihao) Qian

ImpactVest Connect Emerging Markets Analyst

Angela (Weihao) is an undergraduate student of social science, economic specialization, and is expected to graduate in February 2022. During her time at Western University, she has developed social networking skills and business technique skills. 

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Tyler Shrake

Business Analyst Intern

Tyler Shrake is a student at Arizona State University where he studies international business and communication. His studies currently focus on cross-cultural management and conflict resolution in the workplace. His experience in the U.S. military grew his passion for working with other cultures and developed a love of travel. 

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