Virtual Real Estate

The metaverse offers unlimited opportunities for scalable global impact 



We'll be in the process of building our virtual real estate division throughout 2022, which will provide the platform for the impact investing innovations that our founder envisions in her groundbreaking theory. 

The metaverse and the protocols that underpin it hold the possibility of closing the SDG financing gap, providing a resilient and equitable future for millions around the world.

Our founder, Aisha Williams, is a faculty member of The Certificate in Sentiment Analysis and Alternative data in Finance (CASF) and the author of an experimental theory that extends the use case of metaverse protocols to the optimisation of impact capital towards frontier and emerging markets.  


Aisha's pioneering theory will be published in the July 2022 edition of the OptiRisk Systems Handbook for Alternative Data in Finance in Aisha's journal article: “Moving beyond ESG: Unlocking impact investment in emerging and frontier markets through dynamic materiality and the search for impact alpha”.  This seminal work will explore the unlimited possibilities of closing the SDG financing gap through web3, Defi, and metaverse protocols.